Industry Engagement – Viral Video

The brief we have been set is to create something which would be able to trend on social media, we had to understand the different codes and conventions of what makes a piece of work viral. We could produce anything from a meme to a video, as long as we didn’t breach any legal boundaries. Ryah, Lauren and I were in a group, we first started off looking at what is currently trending on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the three main social media forums.

In my findings I noticed the major thing all of the current memes and videos had in common was they were all surrounding the upcoming general election. Many posts were about Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, regardless whether they were intentionally funny or not, people enjoy the fact of seeing someone being humiliated or made fun of.  It allows people to find a common interest and are able to build relationships with others if you both enjoy laughing at something together.


Therefore, our original idea was to look at Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s speeches and interviews and turn what they say into an already existing song and having them duet together. We debated about several different songs from the likes of Barbie Girl – Aqua to I like big butts – Sir Mixalot, but eventually we settled with Rockstar – Nickleback. During the process of watching infinite videos of them both, we concluded that we were struggling to find them saying specific words and we even went down to having them say half of one word and combining it with them saying half of another to get one fun word. However this would be a lengthy process and ultimately we were running out of time to be able to produce something we would be proud of and to get it trending on social media, it wasn’t a risk we were willing to take.

We were back to square one looking at the what’s trending on social media, we still wanted it to be based on the election but we weren’t sure how we wanted to do it. We decided to do a face swap of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s faces, and put them on previously existing viral videos we found funny in the past.

Now we were set on what we had to do, we divided the sections up, Ryah and I created the videos whilst Lauren designed the memes. First of all I got funny faces of May and Corbyn and imported them to photoshop and using the magic wand tool cut around their heads and removed their bodies and the rest of the image.

I then imported the existing viral video onto after effects, luckily having now had some experience using the programme in previous briefs, I was able to know by using the position button (X & Y) and decreasing the timeline to per frame per second, together I was able to move May’s and Corby’s faces in sync with the video.

Once I’d finished doing the faces, I started to think I could add something more to this, I decided to put a school dinner on the shovel. This is to resemble what one of Theresa May’s decisions to get rid of the free school meals for kids, and therefore I decided Jeremy Corbyn should throw a school dinner at her instead. Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.21.01

This is the final outcome, I have only uploaded to YouTube for the purpose of the blog, however the video will be available to see via the Facebook page.

These are the memes which were created and went on the social media sites to gain more views and activity on our page. We did this so we didn’t solely rely on one video, but also we wanted to do more than just one thing, because if you want something to go viral you need to get the word out and make your page active. Therefore we decided to have more than one video and more than one meme to stay current.

MOM SAYS NO DAD SAYS YESSWelcome to your tapeTrezzy - BAYWATCH

We set up the Facebook page which was called ‘Trezza May’ and I designed the Twitter page also called @trezzamay.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 13.56.45Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.03.12


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