Campaign Development – Innovation as communication

For this brief we were tasked to work in groups, we had to come up with a 1 minute video campaign to create awareness about a specific trend and then create a product or service to sell to those people who need it. We were given ‘cycle safety’, therefore we could’ve created anything from a product, to make people aware that cyclists are there or a service for cyclists to go on a safety course.

To start off I decided to go out on a bike ride around London in my spare time, this was for me to be able to understand how truly dangerous it can be cycling on the London roads, but also how fun it can be if you decided to go on a leisurely ride along the River Thames or through a park.

After this, we decided to all come up with individual ideas to put forward – below is my idea.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.01.40

The idea was to have a camera attached the the cyclists helmets, this would then be a live stream video feed enabled to an app. There would be a bluetooth radius sensors which would come up on the nearby apps for people who are driving to be able to see where the cyclist is around them, especially if in a blindspot.

Eventually we decided to go for the concept which was an app that had cyclists to ride of alternative routes which are safer and less busier than the main roads. For this app, we had the road markings on the device will light up and glow a different colour, it will almost be like a tube map with different lines, but will only be for cyclists. These routes will take the cyclists on a safer journey from A to B, it could make their journey longer but would be less busy than riding on the main roads in London where 5,000 cycling accidents happen each year.

The name of our campaign is Glo Ride, the reasoning behind this is the ‘glo’ short for glow is what the roads on the app will be, they will glow and light up in different colours to differentiate the routes you can go along.

My participation in the group was writing the script and filming footage for the 1 minute video. Below is a sample of what my draft script was like, I included specific information about the app, knowledge of London cyclists and what Glo Ride is all about. Considering we hadn’t filmed, I wasn’t able to write a full script in-depth as I needed a storyboard to go along side with it, but also a concept as to how it going to be and specific tone of voice.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.42.18

Also I helped with filming footage for specific segments of the video, I had filmed down by the River Thames of cyclists going past which could be used and was used as filler clips in between the voice overs to give more details and insight into how our app would be used. I found that I had made a mistake with someone of the clips without realising at the time that I had film two of them portrait, however I was able to overcome this mistake as fortunately I’d filmed several other clips in a landscape view.


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