Campaign Development – 360 & integrated designs

For this brief I have chose to design for Haribo sweets. The already existing target audience for haribo is huge, the range from kids to grown ups, just as their slogan suggests “kids and adults love it so, the happy world of haribo”. Therefore, I decided to target my audience mainly towards the middle grounds in the spectrum, between mid 20s and 30s, men and women.

First of all, my ideas for this brief were to create a three posters (first media channel), which all had a scan-able barcode on, for people to use their smartphones on, these would be located at bus stops, tube stations and various other busy places where people would be able to scan the barcode on their phone. This then in turn would unlock a special character of bear, or item or potentially a little freebie of some sort for them to use in store. After scanning the barcode it would take them to the newly design Haribo website (second media channel) which would then be hosting the game (third media channel) for people to be able to quickly place in their time from going to work or on their travels to waste time. For someone who lives in London and uses the TfL constantly, I see many people of all ages on their smartphones playing quick little games to pass the time, therefore I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to waste more people’s time with another silly little game.

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To begin with, I had to firstly create the bears, I wanted them to become life-like, but also stay true to the original sweets.

Here you can see the development stage of the first bear. I traced an image of a bear with the pen tool, I found it was too sharp and needed more curves. I therefore went into make the body more rounded and smoothed down all of the ridges. I then added half circle shares to the ears, arms and legs, using a gradient of a dark crimson red and then fading out to either a pink or white colour, with the opacity very low at about 20 to 30%, it was able to give the bear some depth and more featured to look effective. I began to think, the bear still doesn’t look life like or as a collectable for people to gain, so I decided to add some eyes and now to make it more personalised and personified. After this, I gave each bear a different job role and designed something rememberable so each character could be easily identified, these roles and bears and easily exchangeable, and all the outfits, jobs, and colours of bears can be swapped around (shown later in the game development).

I created the posters first, to begin with I wasn’t sure how to lay it all out, whether to have it landscape or portrait, I soon discovered landscape looked horrible for my intentions. As I had already created the bears, this was the hardest part was done, I just had to fit a nice colour scheme and font to go with the style. Also, I cut out two teeth marks on the bears to fit with the writing “BEAR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW”. If you aren’t quick enough in buying the haribos, it will be too late and they’ll be gone.


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Above is the development process, seeing what worked well and what didn’t. I had the the slogan of haribo, and was to use it as a banner on the posters but thought it just didn’t fit well with the colour scheme and looked far too messy on there. Below is the final outcome of my designs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 17.11.38

Following on from this, I went on to design the website which is the second part of my campaign strategy. I wanted this to be exciting to look at, interesting and not a boring website which people click on and then off straight away just because they get sent there.

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Here you can see, the very first website I attempted to design, I had all of the bears as pictures which you could do slide through and look at each one, however I decided it just looked far too ugly and didn’t look appealing at all. Therefore I chose to have them in a line together as one big image on the front page to look as though they’re a family. On there you would be able to find all sorts of different information and all you would have to do is click on the tab at the top which says ‘games’ and you would be directed to the games page and able to click on which game you would like to play. There would be various options of different styled games, but for the brief I chose just to design one and give a visual concept. Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.12.25

Finally I created the concept visuals as to what the game would look like a various stages from the beginning, to the game play and then the winning screen.

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This is the development process when creating the game. I started off with a home screen which you’d be taken to, to create your bear, you can choose from your own colour (the 5 flavours of haribos), then you can choose their job and with the job comes the particular costume or outfit piece. You can input your own name, gender and location  to make it more personalised to you, this was we can also keep scores and rankings of different people. I displayed the slogan at the bottom to keep it all linked together, for a constant reminder that it isn’t just kids that can enjoy the sweets, nor only adults. Thereafter, I created the gameplay where the different haribo sweets will fall from the sky and you have to catch as many as you can within a minute, you the continue to level up and the game gets harder with the sweets falling faster and some of the sweets being bad which you don’t want to catch. Then the final screen is the ‘you win’ – fireworks would fly through the sky, with noises and revealing your final score. You then will have an option to play again or play another game, they will all be a quick few games to pass the time.


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