Industry Talks – Cris Mascort

Cris Mascort is an art director, she studied at Ramon Llull University, in Barcelona where she gained a degree in advertising and public relations. After university she had an internship at CP Proximity, she gained great knowledge from working in a team of many talented people. Whilst there the company won many awards which allowed her to build her portfolio to then become a junior art director thereafter. The position was from an agency BBDO, where she was at DEC in Spain, she learnt how to develop 360 concepts which would later benefit her career.

In 2013, Mascot made the decision to move to London and continue her career and become a senior visual designer at R/GA. She has been able to work with the likes of Turkcell, Heineken and has been apart of the O2 team ever since working as a lead designer for their projects. After this, she was able to become an art and design director which allowed her to work with Beats by Dre, Dyson, Nike, Google and more. Experiences and knowledge is key, the more you gain of this, the easier the ladder process will be.

From this industry talk, Mascort has taught me valuable lessons such as;

Out of your comfort zone – Leaving your comfort zone behinds allows you to think out side of the box and brings your creative thinking to life more. It pushes you more to learn new things, even if things don’t go to plan.

Outside of office –  Don’t just rely on your office skills or only job focused, but creative outside, find a hobby whether it is related or not, don’t limit yourself to only advertising.

Adapt – Be able to adapt to different environments, clients, time zones, budgets, agencies and people (most importantly). Everyone is different and has a different thought process, you have to take this into account before being blind sighted into what you think is right. Being able to adapt and evolve for different situations will benefit you, and impress your boss.



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