Virgin Atlantic – “BA can’t get it up”

In 2000, British Airways was the main sponsor of erecting the London Eye, they had press from all over the world awaiting the grand erection of the London Eye, however they came into some great difficulty in doing so.

When Richard Branson had heard his main rivalry company had come into some difficulty getting the London Eye to stand up, he realised this could possibly be the best opportunity for this airline, but also to damage his biggest competitor. Branson “had an airship company just outside London, so we scrambled a blimp and the end result was an airship flying over the wheel bearing the slogan BA Can’t Get It Up!!

This stunt had become one of Virgin’s most memorable, it was funny and witty, which got everybody talking. A spontaneous on the spot decision was one of the best decisions Branson could’ve made, he took advantage of the unfortunate situation and stole the limelight from British Airways and gained all of their positions in their publications.

This was a noteworthy and successful stunt because it wasn’t planned as many other campaigns or stunts are from big companies. This was done by quick thinking and being strategic in their ways by humouring the situation of their failing competitor. It was an intelligent decision, it was a huge risk as they could’ve been shown to be unsupportive or  viewed as a rude competitor, however the risk paid off and was supported and liked by the world of travellers.



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