Industry Talks – Stephan Roux

The first of our industry talk was made by Stephan Roux, a Global Creative Director. He graduated from Buckinghamshire University with a Bachelors degree in graphics design and advertising. After graduating he worked at the Yorkshire Post Newspaper doing screen prints and letterpress, he said “you need to do the shit jobs first to gain experience, before you move on higher up”. I thought this was a valuable point made as you’ll get bad jobs which will pay low, work late and have you under pressure, however this will help in the long run for future jobs.

Roux’s creative and digital career spans over 15 years, he has worked all over Asia and Europe, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. To start off his career, he finally saved up enough money to move to London, he began straight away in Shoreditch to network with people and to grow his contact list with other creatives. His most recent job has been the Huawei P9, which was in London as a global creative director in assisting with making small brands either famous, popular or advertising them so people want to buy their products over anyone else. Evidently he does his job well as below you can see all of the leading famous brands in the industry today, and they too still want to be on top of their game and have Roux as their creative director.

Through his time travelling around the world, Roux said he wanted us to know that “the job isn’t harder, it’s just different”, just because you’re in a foreign country it doesn’t mean the methodss are any different. All of the methods applied in the UK advertising also apply to the same people living in China or Canada, however there are just multiple cultural differences which you need to adapt to and utilise, to benefit the project and enhance your ability to advertise. Furthermore, there are many legal differences and the advertising standards are different in certain countries, but how you challenge yourself and use these to your advantage is where you make it easier for yourself.

Stephan Roux has worked for many companies, he gave us great advice and an insight into the industry we are aiming to be involved in. From this I feel as though I have learnt the following:

  1. Experience – you need to gain as much experience as possible, there will be horrible tasks and jobs to begin with, but it will be all worth while eventually. Get the experience before freelancing and be in a professional working environment.
  2. Cultural differences – They are good and not to be afraid of them, if you get the opportunity to work abroad to go for it and to embrace the differences and it isn’t as hard as you would believe. You just need to be able to adapt to the differences and use them as positives for the brand.
  3. Influences – When researching and finding people who influence me, don’t just go ahead and find the most popular or famous directors, artists, fashion designers, ect. Go for the unknown, the hidden gems, the people who are humble in their work and don’t need to be famous to do great work.
  4. Portfolio – In my portfolio it has to be succinct, passionate, creative, have a structure but needed to be kept tight and to the point. 
  5. Networking – Do this from the start, gain as many contacts as possible, make friends and you can collaborate with other in the future, will be able to learn from others but also increases your chances of other job opportunities in the future.
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 16.56.45
These are some of the brands that Roux has worked for




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