Dove Campaign – Real Beauty Sketches

The Dove campaign consisted of several women coming into a studio and begin to describe how they look to a forensics artist. He would then sketch them as how they perceived themselves, but then do another drawing on how someone who they had only met today described them. However neither the artist or participant were able to see each other, it was all based on how they were perceived. It is to show how people always put themselves down, and pick out the ‘negative’ qualities, rather than focusing on their positive qualities of their features and personality.

This campaign is noteworthy because it is said 80% of woman feel anxious about the way they look, they have low self-esteems and doubt their looks and how people see them. It is a way of showing that you are your own worst enemy and sometimes you just need to take a step back and realise nobody is perfect, but we are all beautiful in our own unique way. The campaign had a large impact on all women, as the artist had only drawn from observations of voice and description alone, she was able to make a much happier replicate of the woman who had described herself negatively to begin with. The impact this had on other women connecting that they aren’t the only ones who feel the same, then realised they too needed to have more of a positive reinforced idea of themselves to live a happier lifestyle.

This campaign was successful as it had 50 million views within the first 12 days of airing and then now has 180 million views currently, this shows people were actively involved in the campaign and it was positively viewed as you can see by comments made. This being said, it had broken the record of being the most viral ad campaign at the time, this shows how successful it was to be a viral video to allow women to have a better perspective of themselves.


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