Canon – Power of Perspective – Decoy

Canon conducted a short experiment to see how people’s perspectives change when six photographers were told different things of one specific individual. Each of the photographers were told that the actor was; a self-made millionaire, someone who has saved a life, an ex-inmate, a commercial fisherman, a self-proclaimed psychic, or a recovering alcoholic.

I feel as though this experiment / promotion is noteworthy because it shows how when taking a shot of one specific thing, you are able to develop several different meanings or ways to capture a single shot. It shows you to think outside the box, that if six different people can take a different picture of one man, then one photographer could take six different pictures as long as you have the capability to think outside of the box.

Canon said “A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it” and this has made me think, you need to understand it isn’t about what is in front of you, it’s about how you can adapt to different circumstances. It can be eye-opening for someone who is a beginner photographer, but also shows you experienced photographers have benefitted, as it shows them you can’t be narrow minded, that you need to open your eyes to a world of possibilities and not to ‘judge a book by its cover‘.

This is successful because they enable wider thinking, as they wanted to “shift creative thinking behind the lens“. Canon wanted to change peoples perceptions and how their mind thinks when taking pictures. it’s about how people already have their own preconceptions on how they want something to look, but you have to think of the bigger picture and open your mind to creativity. I feel as though this experiment / campaign captures those ideals into make people think more creatively, instead of aiming for the one thing they want, when there could be multiple better versions. This was also able to bring light to the company, to entice people into buying their cameras to be able to enhance their creativity.


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