Make It Cool

The brand I am designing for is Iceland, at first it was challenging to create an idea that wasn’t just based around their foods and making it look ‘cool’ or ‘pretty’. I wanted to create a completely new concept for Iceland which would show the brand in a new light and draw in the consumer base and target a new range of people to use Iceland.

I decided to create several invitations which would be inviting people to attend various events which is catered and hosted by Iceland foods. I used InDesign to create the invitations, and also using Photoshop to enhance images or to create the sparkle which is used in the first main image “Iceland Invites You”.

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As you can see above, I tried out many different colours for the title of the concept, I wanted something bold and that would catch peoples attention. At first I tried using the colours of the Iceland brand, orange and white, but decided to change to blue and white to represent the cold and frozen foods which Iceland has to offer.

I then began to think of the different events that you wouldn’t necessarily expect Iceland to cater for, and then decided to think of images and what you would have on the invitations. Each one had to be unique and be able to speak for themselves, whilst having similarities to form an identity to the brand.

Wedding invitation was my first idea, I had to think of colours, fonts, styles, which would all fit together as though it was a real wedding invitation for someone. At first I thought a cream colour would be nice, however I wanted to match it with the Iceland brand, therefore I thought an ice blue colour to depict the frozen foods they produce. The sparkly background to represent a magical essence for the wedding, whilst the silver writing was too harsh on the eyes because of the background therefore I used a white outline of the font and changed the other parts to all black font.

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I mainly used InDesign for the invitations, however used Photoshop to create the sparkles by creating my own brush style. i used various different tools, such as the opacity to make the background image much easier on the eyes so the writing can stand out. Also the ‘type on path tool’ to make a curved title, but also ensuring they all match together by using the same fonts for specific parts of the invitations.

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Furthermore, I had to create a video for Iceland which I had included my invitation so the concept would carry on through both of the platforms. I wanted them to both correlate to each other and have strong brand identity for people to understand that those two type of advertisements go together. I used After Effects to create the video, I wanted to make the first part to be fancy, therefore I decided to have the sparkles in which I made in the “ICELAND INVITES YOU” image, to become moving sparkles / glittery. As you can see below all of the different effect controls I had to use to create the glittery effect – noise controls.  I had to create a star which would follow a path leading up the screen, the decided for the next part of the video to be an envelop being open to reveal one of my invitation designs. I created the envelop on Photoshop, using different shapes, layers, transparencies, shadowing effects and manipulation tools to then insert each individual layer into after effects to create an opening envelope to reveal the invitation. The continued on to have the Iceland logo and have the be able to contact us for further enquiries for Iceland to be able to cater for them and one of their events.

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