Photoshop Intro

Below are designs I have personally created on Photoshop. I have previously used Photoshop whilst studying media, however it was at a very basic level and this has now allowed me to understand more about the tools and how to use them effectively.


Above you can see I have duplicated the original picture and have adjusted the position of the second image to the left slightly to give it a diplopia effect, whilst making the first image black and white and leaving the second in colour.


Then proceeded to using the elliptic marquee tool and selecting Kanye West face and duplicating that several times, leaving the circles in colour and the diamond shape in black and white.


Finally I added coloured shapes and used several filters on the four faces of Kanye such as; gradient map, posterize and threshold.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 18.47.09.pngAfterwards I created a profile picture, using the same techniques before but on my own image, I used simple shapes – circles, triangle and rectangle. I decreased the opacity on each to make them tranparent and able to see through slightly, and changed the filters on the circles which contained my face. This has allowed to get used to these important tools which I’ll be using on a regular basis.


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